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The cracks in Sydney Residential Buildings : A fitting reminder for sustainable procurement

Reports about the plight of evacuations of Sydney residents from several apartment buildings have been disturbing.  While the level of rectification and assistance for affected populations has been variable, the disruption and distress to owners and occupants will leave a lasting impact. The first issue occurred with the Opal Tower [...]

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Buying from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses

Would you like to better understand government policy regarding Buying from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses? Does your organisation need assistance to develop a program or framework to engage, enable and buy from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to further support your CSR or Procurement Sustainability programs? We [...]

By |2019-04-22T13:53:18+10:00April 22nd, 2019|Categories: 3. Successful Contracts & Suppliers, Sustainability|

Sustainability through procurement – Spotlight on Fair Operating Practice

Here we shine a spotlight on one of the core subjects of the Standard to see how it could relate to your organisation. What is fair operating practice? ISO 20400 describes it as applying and promoting ethical conduct in your organisation’s dealings with other organisations, including suppliers, contractors, partners, customers, [...]

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Procurement adding value to your business

Procurement just get lower prices, right? Be careful what you wish for!The extended push by CEOs for procurement to cut costs and count savings has driven a race to the bottom. Resulting in the exploitation of people and our natural resources for profit.Organisations are realising, as shareholders, consumers and Governments [...]