Our team members led and supported the transformation of the procurement function of one of Australia’s largest Government Organisations.

The Procurement team had a number of objectives of the transformation. They were looking to establish alignment with their Organisation’s objectives, to provide access to easy-to-follow processes, to increase clarity and compliance and to be known for fair and commercial business dealings and for innovative engagement with the business community.

The change focused on 4 key areas, ie:

  1. Accountability: to establish ownership and create clear focus and direction. This included: Executive sponsorship and regular communications
  2. Efficiency: to foster an environment of continuous improvement. Involving, Stakeholder alignment, Processes improvement, Innovation and Influence
  3. Capability: to increase knowledge and skills. This involved upskilling the immediate procurement team and all staff across the Organisation as well as creating interest in the profession to identify and develop new people.
  4. Action: to create an action-oriented work culture. We helped the Team establish their purpose and their Plan, to measure and report their performance and to be flexible.

OUTCOME: The transformed Procurement Function achieved:

  • an average satisfaction rating of 93% from customers surveyed (10,000 surveyed, 12% response rate) and went on to later become the strongest internal corporate brand among the Organisation’s broader employee base.
  • executive-sponsored, cross-functional category teams
  • recognition as the Organisation’s advisers of procurement process and probity and in public facing documentation.
  • meaningful outcomes for policies and business objectives through innovative engagement with the business community, including supplier diversity, social and sustainability outcomes
  • reduced red tape and simplified processes by embedding electronic purchasing through catalogues, establishing simple procurement guides and had commenced a project to automate the source-to-contract process, and
  • improved awareness and compliance through an Executive program, professional newsletters, an extensive capability development program and reporting regime.