In helping a client to create an environment that provided flexible, centrally maintained information to all staff irrespective of their geographical location, our team developed a design template (the PKD) that can be adapted to any organisation or environment.

Faster and more flexible than a wire-frame, the PKD allows us to quickly develop and present a concept site to our clients for input and fast adjustments. The agreed content and design is then handed to our clients’ intranet managers to transfer to the internal environment. Feedback from Procurement and IT Teams is that it is so much easier and thus faster than using the typical ‘wire-frame’.

Our PKD concept solution is entirely flexible in layout, design and content. The template currently includes placeholders (and generic content that can be leveraged where applicable) for:

  • Policies – details or links as applicable
  • Delegations – details or links as applicable
  • Processes – flow charts, drop down, links
  • Capability Development – links to relevant materials (eg e-Learning, etc)
  • News – for bulletins and updates
  • Contracts – to establish lists and access information or links as applicable
  • Ease of navigation with menus and search functionality

Once established, all staff have easy access to a ‘single source of truth’ repository for the Organisation’s procurement function. It promotes procurement and increases awareness and compliance.

Using our PKD saves a lot of time and related costs.