Our team members led and supported a sourcing project to identify a supplier who could establish an IT solution within two organisations.

For this project, the requirements, specifications and strategies had already been documented. However we’ve worked on other projects where we fleshed out these important activities with key stakeholders.

Our Project Manager then took responsibility for

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities of key participants across both entities
  • Confirming budgets and timelines and establishing project plan and tracking processes
  • Ensuring and developing all key documentation and approval workflows
  • Development and implementation of the communications plan for internal and external communications to set and manage expectations and ensure participants were engaged and understood the objectives and the process
  • Developing and managing a risk management plan and escalating issues and recommended remedies throughout the project.
  • Close management and follow up of all activities to achieve quality outputs by milestone dates
  • All reports throughout including final learnings report.

OUTCOME: The project hit all milestones to approval and the contract was awarded to the supplier that demonstrated the best solution.

  • Feedback from participants showed high satisfaction to the process overall and written comments included:
  • Plan was very structured. Documents were clear. Very easy process
  • High level of engagement, group input was good as some staff are more technical, whilst others have a practical/user perspective
  • …did a great job in pulling it together and was very professional, probity was well managed
  • Great plan and communications.
  • The project was well defined (with) clear outcomes and deliverables

 A year on, the client reported that the supplier was ‘excellent to work with’.