Is your Organisation crying out for simpler, easy to access procurement information?

Are your policies, manuals, delegations, etc cumbersome, all over the shop or even still in paper form?

Getting this right for your internal customers (stakeholders, contract users, etc) will not only make their work days easier but it will also increase awareness, drive compliance and positively promote Procurement. It may even benefit financially through increased productivity, contract compliance and reduced risk.

You might be thinking, it’s important but how to prioritise, given the team’s capacity with your current projects.

It’s a catch 22, because simpler, easy to access information will likely free up your team from a lot of queries and menial tasks allowing them to focus on your projects and priorities.

So don’t put it off, we can work in with your team and handle all the detailed work. We can even design your new online site! We have experts in process design on our team and tools that make the process fast and very efficient.  Take a look at our case study as an example