Our work with Diverse Suppliers

Workplace Supplies – We have proudly supported Cultural Choice in their growth and development since 2015.

As well as their own branded Australian made paper products and hand sanitiser, they supply all standard workplace supplies including stationery, janitorial, office furniture, whitegoods, personal protective equipment and more.

Cultural Choice provide online ordering and distribute throughout Australia to customers across both the public and private sectors. Their commitment to service and reliability is exceptional.

We also love how they work with disability organisations and the many ways that they give back to community. Once of which is their own not for profit Organisation, the Cultural Choice Association which was created to raise awareness and to support the prevention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth suicide and its causes in Australia.

By purchasing any private label Cultural Choice products you too can help Cultural Choice achieve their dream of ‘inspired futures stronger communities and limitless opportunity for all children’.

Food and Beverage – We fell in love with the Dreamtime Tuka biscuits and talked all about them as we offered them at our meetings and functions.

The biscuits, slices and muffins are made to traditional recipes using Australian bush foods like lemon myrtle and wattle seed. They also sell chocolate macadamias and award-winning coffee.

We’re thrilled to see Dreamtime Tuka is now widely available for purchase as well as being served on Qantas flights and on NSW Rail Link.

Importantly, the bush foods are harvested from the wild, but cultivated sources have become increasingly important to provide sustainable supplies for a growing market, with many Aboriginal communities also involved in the supply chain.

Cultural Centre and Native Nursery – we’ve worked with Muru Mittigar for some years now. They’re a leading Indigenous Social Enterprise who have been providing ‘real time’ employment and training opportunities for over 20 years

They have been very supportive of other businesses we have introduced them to including Skytech UAV and The Unexpected Guest (see below).

Muru Mittigar’s Native Nursery ensures that original local species are available for use in rehabilitation projects, council plantings, parklands and increasingly home gardens, to preserve the gene pool of local native plants.

While their Cultural Centre and Cultural Awareness Programs help create better understanding of Aboriginal culture in the wider community. Providing programs for school teachers and students and with organisations of all types and sizes.

Aerial Photography – We provided this local start-up business with ideas for development and introduced them to some of our contacts that have provided further opportunities.

In particular, SkytechUAV collaborated with Muru Mittigar to film their NAIDOC event and have had other referrals as a result of that relationship.

Breakfast Foods / Snacks – We were introduced to The Unexpected Guest by Worthwhile Ventures, a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting the development of Aboriginal Businesses, who we work with.

The Unexpected Guest manufacture and distribute organic Muesli, Health Bars and Pancake Mix using native and local foods including wattle seed, lemon myrtle, berries and nuts.

We agree with their customers, which include some of Australia’s leading hotels, that these products are exceptional.

We knew Muru Mittigar would love The Unexpected Guest too, that’s why we introduced them and it only took one taste for them to decide they wanted to stock and promote the muesli bars for their Cultural Awareness customers.

Packaging, assembly & fulfilment solutions – Visiting Beehive demonstrates what a business with a purpose truly is. Not only are their customers’ requirements being met, but a community of people were being cared for at the same time. Beehive is a perfect name because it is a ‘hive of activity’ with a great ‘buzz in the air’ by the ‘beehivers’ busily getting their jobs done and interacting happily.

Beehive Industries tackle isolation faced by Sydney seniors, the long-term unemployed and people living with disability, by providing a sense of purpose and enabling them to contribute to society.

Progressive Systems is looking forward to identifying opportunities for our current and future network to benefit from engagements with Beehive and vice versa.