Procurement Leadership

Harnessing the power of procurement to achieve objectives

Promoting Sustainability

Harnessing the power of procurement to achieve objectives

Experienced and Trusted Advisors

Harnessing the power of procurement to achieve objectives

Women-owned Business

Harnessing the power of procurement to achieve objectives

Procurement Leadership


Establishing, Transforming or Refining organisational procurement

Promoting Sustainability


Guiding and incorporating sustainability at every opportunity

Experienced Trusted Advisors

Trusted Advisors

Supporting your progress, development and success

women owned business


100% women-owned, contributing to your supplier diversity

Our Core Services

Procurement Leadership

Transforming organisational procurement and supporting leaders with procurement initiatives

Progressive Contracts

Getting the best out of your contracts and suppliers / Helping suppliers to win and manage new contracts

Digital Procurement Solutions

Designing, supporting and remediating eProcurement implementations

Indigenous Support

Helping Government and Businesses to establish practical policies and processes for successfully engaging, supporting and developing Aboriginal suppliers.

Supporting Your Needs

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An Executive or Finance Leader?
A Strategic Procurement Leader?
A Procurement or Contract Manager?
A Small or Minority Supplier?

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News and Insights

Need Electronic solutions that work ?

You know eProcurement can embed controls, streamline processes and increase your capacity. But that’s not how it always pans out. You’ve either heard about, or found for yourself that: The benefits have not materialised and the objectives are not fully realised Sourcing, contract management and purchasing processes take the same time & include “off-line” or “shadow systems” The planned categories have not been enabled Credits, invoice disputes, & reconciliation issues remain Efforts to get systems to work together is [...]

Winning and sustaining business with large organisations

If you’re struggling to connect with the right people. understand buyer’s requirements. respond to or win tenders. you might be asking yourself......."who can I talk to?"..."what are they really looking for?..."how can I nail this?" or talk to or negotiate with a big organisation that’s engaged you “who’ll listen?” meet demand or maintain expectations “uh oh, what now!?” We can help you. When we get to know you, we can help you go after the right customers and submit [...]

Improve Contract or Supplier Performance

Is your contract delivering what was intended? If you answered “No” or “I don’t know”, can we help? We are experienced in developing and implementing contract management plans, procure-to-pay to improve contract usage and compliance supplier performance and development programs benefits realisation measurement and reporting Why not give us a call, the solution to your frustration, might be just a few steps away. See our service section on successful contract and suppliers for more information.

Designing and Distributing Processes and Guides

Is your Organisation crying out for simpler, easy to access procurement information? Are your policies, manuals, delegations, etc cumbersome, all over the shop or even still in paper form? Getting this right for your internal customers (stakeholders, contract users, etc) will not only make their work days easier but it will also increase awareness, drive compliance and positively promote Procurement. It may even benefit financially through increased productivity, contract compliance and reduced risk. You might be thinking, it’s important [...]

Expanding Procurement beyond Sourcing

Looking to build on your team’s great sourcing work? Would strengthening any of these areas improve value to your organisation, team and reputation? Strategic contract planning, management and benefits realisation Supplier performance management Strategic supplier relationship development Procurement performance reporting and promotion. We can help you with templates, coaching, guidance and programs that will add value to your organisation. And we leave your team with knowledge and tools to sustain ongoing improvement.

Heading up or transforming a new procurement function

While exciting, it’s also a bit daunting – right? You want to establish the best procurement function to meet your business and stakeholder needs and you need to leverage that honeymoon period. So you don’t want to waste time. You know you need a solid plan and some quick wins.  And, while you’re perfectly capable, it’s a matter of where’s best to start and whether you can get it all mapped out fast enough. Wouldn’t it be great to [...]

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