Procurement just get lower prices, right? Be careful what you wish for!

The extended push by CEOs for procurement to cut costs and count savings has driven a race to the bottom. Resulting in the exploitation of people and our natural resources for profit.

Organisations are realising, as shareholders, consumers and Governments demand change, that purely cutting costs is no longer viable and they need to look at new and better ways of operating.

Procurement professionals too are taking responsibility for past actions, stepping up to demonstrate their ability to bring value to their Organisations in a sustainable and responsible way. Procurement professionals are often finding, through sustainable and responsible procurement, that their organisations are achieving additional cost savings.

Procurement professionals can help organisations to achieve and exceed their business objectives.

When you involve a Procurement Professional in long-term business plans, they will research markets and leverage supply relationships to learn about future solutions and innovation. Empowering your business leaders to make more informed decisions.

By forging strong internal relationships and clarifying expectations, Procurement become enablers to your business leaders, facilitating and guiding processes to help them to achieve and exceed their objectives, while avoiding risks and pitfalls.

From a process perspective, Procurement can design and establish electronic tools to delight both your suppliers and your people including those involved with, for example:

  • Sourcing, buying and managing projects and contracts,
  • Governance,
  • Finance.

These tools can reduce effort and embed controls while securing your contract benefits.

Procurement can help minimise your risks and establish or support your Governance, creating awareness and educating your organisation and suppliers about ethical practices, risks, policies and processes, sustainability, achieving value for money, etc.

We can help you transform your Procurement to add more value to your business.

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