Buying from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses

Would you like to better understand government policy regarding Buying from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses? Does your organisation need assistance to develop a program or framework to engage, enable and buy from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to further support your CSR or Procurement Sustainability programs? We [...]

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Sustainability through procurement – Spotlight on Fair Operating Practice

Here we shine a spotlight on one of the core subjects of the Standard to see how it could relate to your organisation. What is fair operating practice? ISO 20400 describes it as applying and promoting ethical conduct in your organisation’s dealings with other organisations, including suppliers, contractors, partners, customers, [...]

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Procurement adding value to your business

Procurement just get lower prices, right? Be careful what you wish for!The extended push by CEOs for procurement to cut costs and count savings has driven a race to the bottom. Resulting in the exploitation of people and our natural resources for profit.Organisations are realising, as shareholders, consumers and Governments [...]

Need Electronic solutions that work ?

You know eProcurement can embed controls, streamline processes and increase your capacity. But that’s not how it always pans out. You’ve either heard about, or found for yourself that: The benefits have not materialised and the objectives are not fully realised Sourcing, contract management and purchasing processes take the [...]

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Winning and sustaining business with large organisations

If you’re struggling to connect with the right people. understand buyer’s requirements. respond to or win tenders. you might be asking yourself......."who can I talk to?"..."what are they really looking for?..."how can I nail this?" or talk to or negotiate with a big organisation that’s engaged you “who’ll listen?” [...]

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Improve Contract or Supplier Performance

Is your contract delivering what was intended? If you answered “No” or “I don’t know”, can we help? We are experienced in developing and implementing contract management plans, procure-to-pay to improve contract usage and compliance supplier performance and development programs benefits realisation measurement and reporting Why not give us [...]

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Designing and Distributing Processes and Guides

Is your Organisation crying out for simpler, easy to access procurement information? Are your policies, manuals, delegations, etc cumbersome, all over the shop or even still in paper form? Getting this right for your internal customers (stakeholders, contract users, etc) will not only make their work days easier but [...]